Changeover in my RSS feed

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A quick programming note for you all…


If you read my blog via organic search or a bookmarked search, thank you.  I appreciate you spending part of your day with me.

If you read my blog via email subscription, thank you.  I appreciate you letting my words occupy a spot in likely a crowded inbox.

If you read my blog via RSS, thank you.  I appreciate the fact that you’ve decided that my content is good enough to subscribe to and you wish to receive it automagically via an RSS reader.


I’m changing how my blog is delivered via RSS.  If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, please take a moment and pop out to the main blog (  In the upper right, you’ll see a familiar RSS logo.  Please click that to re-subscribe to this blog via RSS at the new location.


If you’re into the whole manual-editing thing:

Old feed URL:

New feed URL:

(the RSS logo on my blog points to , since I may re-direct my eventual RSS feed.)

And if you haven’t signed up to read my blog via RSS… why not?  It don’t cost nothin’ !


Again… thank you for reading.


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