Content Marketing Case Study: Using Video to Convert a Sale

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I’m a terrible golfer, but it occupies me a few times a year.  Recently, I tried a driver, and it worked well for me. I don’t golf often enough (re-read that first sentence) to buy it new, so I tried to find it used at a good price.


But the issue with buying used online is you never really know what you’re going to get.  If you’ve ever purchased anything from ebay, then you know what I mean.  So, as I looked around online, I found one I liked.  Like many used items, I got all the details, specs, a review or two, and then the dreaded item that drives the price…


The condition


Is it mint? Very good?  Good?  Good with a shade of great?  Who knows?


Whenever I’ve bought used online, this is the part that gives me the most pause.  You never know what you’re really going to get.  Global Golf attempts to get you over that hurdle.  They show videos.  They have stock videos that show what a metal fairway wood in very good condition looks like.  They rotate the club around slowly, showing all sides.  You know, the exact thing you’d do if you were buying it in person.



image source: image source:–1019719/driver/cobra/s3.aspx?gd=3 


Global Golf uses digital video on YouTube to assuage the buyer of their concerns.  They use a content marketing technique (video) to push prospects further into the funnel (moving from Risk to Engagement in the TIREA model).  I suspect they’d get a decent amount of sales without these videos.  But at such a low cost to produce, why not do them?


 (there’s a YouTube video here in this post – if you’re reading this via RSS, you might want to pop over to the Subjectively Speaking site to see it)


It worked for me.  The club was at the right price and met my needs.  I needed a little boost to get over the edge to convince me that I wasn’t going to get taken for a ride with a ‘very good’ used club.  The video did just that.  The club arrived as advertised.


Nice job with the Content Marketing, Global Golf.  You can follow Global Golf on Twitter via @GlobalGolf


p.s.: If you get a moment, pop open the YouTube video, and check out the comments.  Not only are the folks at Global Golf good content marketers, they’re also good social media and customer listeners!


What about you?  Can you share an example of a good content marketing example from a retailer?  Let me know in the comments.