Who Won The Powerball? Facebook Did. And Radio Stations.

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Mix 107.3's Powerball picks

On Wednesday, November 28, 2012, there was a large multi-state lottery drawing here in the US.  And when I say large, I mean record-breaking.  And when I say record-breaking, I mean north of five hundred million dollars.  That’s $500,000.00.


When a lottery jackpot gets big like this, more people than normal buy tickets for a shot at this kind of cash, though it’s a super long-shot that you’d win (you have a 1 in 175 million chance).


I saw an interesting trend in my own feed, though, the past few days.  At least two radio stations (Mashable! here reports more) ran a little contest: ‘like’ the photo of the numbers we drew.  If we win, we split the net winnings with everyone who has liked the photo.


(the author here, as well as Mashable! instantly thought “oh boy – this runs afoul of Facebook’s policy on running contests on their site).


So, seemingly innocuous.


But you know who wins?  The radio station.  Why?  Because this is one of the best EdgeRank busters around.  Look at these engagement stats for this ONE piece of content.


How Powerball helps radio stations' Facebook pages (http://www.SubjectivelySpeaking.net)


If you forgot (or don’t know), I wrote about why understanding EdgeRank is important (actually, twice).  In one sentence: knowing it and knowing how to work with it ensures your future content ever gets seen.


I’d say that the radio stations here did a good job of nearly guaranteeing that their next chunks of content will get seen.


What about you?  What tactics – straightforward or kooky – are you using to get your content seen on Facebook?


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