The Diamond Dozen: Subjectively Speaking’s ‘Top’ 12 Posts from 2012

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It’s December, so I’d like to share with you some of the gems from the past 11 months here on my blog.  Instead of a “top 10 most viewed”, I’m taking a bit of a different approach.


Top 4 SubjectivelySpeaking Posts in 2012

These posts were written this calendar year, and ended up in the top spots for traffic, views, and the like.


  • How to Migrate and Merge Twitter accounts – this is a pure tactics post, but I know others will need to go through this at some point; so, don’t re-create the wheel… learn from me.
  •  An Example of Mobile Marketing Done Right by a Beer Company – I like beer (and good craft beer at that).  Imagine my surprise when I picked up this bottle, and saw how they are leveraging something as simple (and funny) as a QR code to get some information out of their customers.
  • A Comparison of Enterprise Twitter Tools – Back earlier in the year, we evaluated several of these tools to assist with lightweight posting, scheduling, and the like for managing multiple social presences in an enterprise environment.  I thought I’d share with you the thoughts and the matrix we developed.
  •  How To Create a Viral Video – A bit tongue in cheek, but 100% true.


Top 4 Viewed SubjectivelySpeaking Posts This Year (though specifically NOT written in 2012)

I guess my content is faring well in search engines.  These posts below were near the tops in terms of views and visits, but it was all content that was published before 2012.


  • Hearing vs. Listening – They aren’t the same. As we get busier, we may inadvertently shift from one to the other.
  • Twiends – a Way to Get More Twitter Followers – Of course, the number of followers isn’t where it’s at all the time.  Nevertheless, I did review the service, and I share that here.
  • The Anatomy of a Twitter Handle – I see so many every day that truly perplex me.  Like, “why the numbers? And what do they mean?” or “I don’t get all the extra xxxx s”.  Here are eight common styles, and I rank them in order of preference.
  • How to Pre-Populate a Twitter Status on the Web – You might have a site or an ebook or something where you want to encourage users to share that item.  One way is to reduce that friction as much as possible.  Here is a straight tactics post.


My Personal Favorite 4 SubjectivelySpeaking Posts From This Year

These posts were popular in one way or another – either with readers or me – but they stood out as some of my favorites from this year.


  • How to Succeed in Corporate America in Eight Steps – This isn’t really aimed at 22-year-olds coming out of college.  It’s for anyone in the workforce today.
  • How To Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn – This was born from an internal presentation.  I added to it, made it more agnostic, and with the help of a great designer, took it out of PowerPoint and made a nice graphical ebook out of it.  You can download that from the post here.
  • Haters Gonna Hate and Tweeters Gonna Tweet – I drafted a chunk of text for an Eloqua ebook on Community Management.  In doing so, I drafted a much longer post (and only used an excerpt in the ebook).  Here’s the full post.  If you ever deal with an online bully or need to do issue management (irate customer, as an example), then be sure to read this.
  • Questions to Consider When Selecting a Social Media Tool, Vendor, or Service – Another tactics post.  Well, it’s a mix of tactics and strategy.  Earlier and above, I blogged about a matrix for making the decision.  This post is a bit more lengthy, since it details the things you should factor in when starting the RFP or evaluation process in general.


So, those are tops for 2012.  I hope you enjoyed reading, sharing, interacting, and commenting on them as much as I did writing them.


What about you?  What was your favorite (or least favorite) post of mine this year?  Let me know in the comments.


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