Content Marketing in 2013 – Another Opinion

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Marcus Sheridan - content marketing

I recently listened to Kevin Cain interview Marcus Sheridan for a podcast over at OpenView ventures.  Kevin is the Director of Content Strategy at Open View Venture Partners, and Marcus Sheridan is the former (and current?) head honcho at River Pools and Spas. Marcus now heads up The Sales Lion, a consulting firm specializing in inbound marketing.  If you haven’t noticed, that’s a significant departure from pools and spas.


In the podcast, Kevin asks Marcus a few questions about his take on content marketing, and then concludes the podcast by asking Marcus for some of his predictions on content marketing for 2013.


My post here is an audio note about my reactions and additional thoughts on the podcast.  So, go listen to that first (about 20 minutes long ; Marcus tells a really compelling story – here’s just a 16-min clip of what Marcus Sheridan is like, and a glimpse into his life.


Listen to his story in the podcast and on the YouTube video to hear why, and more importantly, how, he changed directions.



OK.  Onto my thoughts and additions (about 9 minutes long)… Click the image below to launch the player. You can skim the text below to get a preview if you like.



  • Marcus states he’s tired of hearing that ideas and approaches are not applicable to B2B (or something else).  I offer up another way to look at it.


  • Marcus then talks about the ‘over-analyzation’ of content marketing, and by doing so, it turns it into a huge challenge.  I offer a reason why I think that’s the case, and a cautionary tale of what happens if you spend too much time analyzing (Hi, David!)


  • What wins?  Is it ‘perfect’?  Marcus doesn’t think so.  Instead, it’s what’s good enough for publishing.  I offer a take on what that threshold or stage-gate might be. And as a bonus, I’ve shared an under-used marketing tool that I’ve written about in the past: empathy.


  • Kevin closes the podcast by asking Marcus for some content marketing predictions for 2013.


  • Marcus first opined that more and more people would get into content marketing, but with that comes the good and the bad.  I agree, and make a case for the (increasing) rise of a new role/skill: curation.


  • More and more people will (thankfully) be using analytics to inform their marketing, according to Sheridan’s crystal ball.  And I personally couldn’t be happier.  But what do you do with all of that data?


  • Marcus concludes his predictions with a lesson (or hopeful change?) on semantics – specifically around the word blogging.  I offer up my two cents on that as well.


My thanks to Kevin Cain (@kevinrcain) for the Marcus Sheridan (@TheSalesLion) interview. It’s nice to get a fresh perspective.  I look forward to seeing each of these guys at Content Marketing World 2013 (CMW 2013 details here).



What about you?  Did you listen to the podcast? What are your thoughts on content marketing?



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