The Strength of a Brand

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I’ve been reading Social Media Examiner on and off for about three years now.  Michael Stelzner and his team have really put together a top-notch site.  It offers relevant information in the social media space.  It’s easy to read (he focuses acutely on this), is share-able, and is the right length to make it not boring.  He even launched a companion podcast (another project, in and of itself).  These are big challenges, because there are lots of resources today offering information in the social space (including this blog, from time to time).


I heard a podcast recently with Michael that he launched a new site, called My Kids Adventures.   As a dad myself, I was intrigued.  Michael goes on to explain that there didn’t seem to be many good (to him, at least) resources available for parents with kids that matched his: post-diaper, pre-tuition.  What Michael is aiming to do with this site (this is a loose paraphrase) is to fill that resource and information gap in between, for parents.


Again, I’m listening because this is where my kids fall.  I’m fairly sure that Michael doesn’t have a degree in child psychology (though he may), and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t written any kids books in the past (though I’ve one-upped him there!).I don’t know Michael well at all (I met him briefly at Content Marketing World 2012, but that’s about it).  He seems like a nice, approachable guy.  So what gives him the permission to talk to me about kids activities, at scale?




Michael and team are synonymous with Social Media Examiner.  The site achieved great growth in just over four years.  They found a formula and it worked.  Mike hustled to make it happen, and stayed at it.  He found great writers and contributors, and it gets who-knows-how-many shares and links and what not each article or post.  Mike took the time to create a product that isn’t average, but instead is above-average.


So when Mike launches a new project called My Kids Adventures, am I intrigued?  You bet I am.  I went to the site, and it even has a similar look and feel (probably the same theme or CSS as SME, and that’s OK).  The site is easily navigable.  I’m encouraged to sign up.  The text is bolded and chunked out to make it scan-able.  He has social outposts in places like Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest.  No LinkedIn, though.  Why?  That’s likely not a targeted place to share information like this.


I signed up on email, started following on Twitter, and on Facebook, all after visiting once (I even signed up via RSS – gasp!) – I chose redundant information paths because I might miss something in one, but see it in the other.  I have no idea if it’s going to be a knock-out success like SME is.  But if I had to bet, I think it will.  All based on the strength of brand.


Good luck, Michael and team.  I’m looking forward to what you have to offer!


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