Storytelling is Content Marketing – Or, What You Can Learn From Rap Lyrics and Sportscasting

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I have a guest post up today over at MarketingProf’s daily fix. It’s titled “What Marketers Can Learn From One Hilarious Sportscaster“, and it’s about the power of telling a story when creating content.  In fact, I argue that telling a story is what makes content.


Adam Lefkoe, from YouTube (as seen on


Here’s an excerpt:

Email, web copy, a blog post (hopefully, like this one): at the end of the day, it needs to tell a good story.  Content + zero story = wasted letters (you can go ahead and tweet that if you like).  However, content + a good story = something share-able.

Louisville sports anchor Adam Lefkoe (Lefkoe on Twitter) recently delivered his sports update while working in five minutes of rap lyrics.


To read the remainder of the post and to see the two YouTube videos,  head on over to  What Marketers Can Learn From One Hilarious Sportscaster.


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