The Greatest Hits of 2013

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It’s December, and that means most bloggers, including me, throw in a nice ‘end of year’ wrap up post.  I sliced my data two different ways: my top posts I wrote in 2013, and then the top most visited posts on my blog this year, but specifically not written in 2013.  This is because in my top 10 or 20, there were some posts that were in there not from 2013 – thus showing that for some reason, they had staying power.


My blog volume was way off this year.  I’ve been employed by three different companies in 2013, plus a three-week sabbatical – some nice time off between jobs two and current.  Ramping up at a new job means a lot less free time.  Consequently, my time catching up on RSS and tweeting as much as I’d like has suffered.  I hope to remedy all that in 2014.


At any rate, I hope 2013 was good for you all, and that 2014 is great.


Tops of 2013

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Tops overall, not in 2013, but busy this year:

How To Migrate and Merge Twitter Accounts

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