Rocking Content Marketing in a Grammatically-correct Way

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I’ve long been a fan of Grammar Girl (also known as Mignon Fogarty).  She presents well-researched tips and facts to help better understand and use the English language.


She also totally rocks at content marketing.


I became aware of Grammar Girl from her podcasts.  Looking to round out my commute, and being a fan of grammar, I searched, found, and added this to my library.  I was instantly rewarded.  The best part of a weekly installment of Grammar girl is how she consistently uses multiple forms of media and content to create… media and content.


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Here’s a recent example:


Grammar Girl was exploring the use of the phrase “cash money” and trying to determine if it’s a regional expression.   Mignon posted the question on the Grammar Girl Facebook page to start to collect some unscientific (yet interesting) results.  She (presumably) started writing or editing the script for the week’s podcast.  She also posts a transcript of the podcast each week to her blog.  In this particular installment, she references the myriad results from the Facebook outreach and created a Google map showing digital pushpins of the results.  And she referenced the map being on the blog in her podcast (she does this regularly – teasing non-audio components of the Grammar Girl experience).


So, let’s review: an audio blog (podcast), a text transcript (the actual blog entry), a Facebook page, a Facebook poll, and a digital map of that poll.


What Does it All Mean, Basil?

Holy smokes!  Mignon expertly uses digital social networks to explore and flesh out a topic, then the podcast (typically around 8 or 10 minutes) for delivery, the text transcript (because Google can and does index that), and then teases the listener to visit the site to ‘get more’ of the experience – thus driving up pageviews, increased time spent on site, and possible consumption of other Quick and Dirty Tips content.


I was a huge fan of Mignon and Grammar Girl content before, and even more now, after digging in and seeing how she so skillfully connects the multiple formats together.


Brava, Mignon!  Well done!


image source: from the Grammar Girl site


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