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MassTLC - Aligning Your Content Strategy to Your B2B Funnel

On Friday, April 4 2014, the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (otherwise known as the MassTLC) hosted a summit event for the sales and marketing cluster titled, “Building a Lean, Self-Perpetuating Marketing Machine”.


The focus was on ‘growth hacking’, or modern marketing techniques one can use to find repeatable buying patterns with almost no investment.  The event featured some keynote talks from



The event also featured a panel of growth hackers and modern marketers, including



All shared some of their own experiences in modern marketing, including some things that worked and didn’t work.


The last session of the day was a content marketing workshop/interactive discussion that I co-led, along with Jonathan Burg (@JonMBurg on Twitter).  In it, we spoke about how a team can create a content marketing strategy that aligns with a B2B marketing funnel.  We included three mini-break-out sessions, where the table could discuss a few things, and included handouts in the packets for attendees to take back to the office and digest.


I’ve loaded that slide deck we used to SlideShare.  Head on over to the MassTLC blog to see the full entry, view or download the slides, and see content from the remainder of the session.


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