Using Google to Find Out Who Creeps On You On LinkedIn

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Google Image search is a great thing. I don’t mean entering a term like ‘spaghetti’, changing the results to images, and seeing all of the pastabilities (see what I did there?). Rather, for those that don’t know, you can search by using an image as the query. I’ve written about this in the past. Hop on over to read it (it’s short) then come back.




What’s a good current use of this? LinkedIn. Christopher S. Penn (@cspenn) talked about a related topic in a recent weekly newsletter (sign up free – better yet, complete your profile and get the weekly bonus material). To get the rest of the specifics, go sign up.


Here’s how you can use it on LinkedIn

If you click on the ‘Who’s viewed your profile’ / ‘x people have viewed your profile in y days’ option, you’re given a short list of profile views once you scroll down. The first five or so show a name and title and company (if that person chose to reveal that in their own LinkedIn setting). After that, only an image is shown, and its not even click-able.


You see where I’m going with this, right?


Right-click or control-click the image and save the image somewhere you can remember (desktop is a good idea). Now go use the Google image search tool as I described above and see where else that image is used on the Internet. There’s a good chance LinkedIn will show up. But even if it doesn’t, the chances are high that the image will be associated with a person’s name at least a couple of times on page one of search results, and likely the same name and image combo.


There you have it. With about 20 seconds of digital sleuthing, you now know who the person is. If you choose to look them up on LinkedIn or Twitter or wherever, have at it.


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