Content Redux – Getting More From the Core

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Producing effective, quality content is the core challenge (and driver) for just about all of the content marketers I know.  Producing enough to satiate the audience is another challenge as well (but don’t make quality and quantity antonyms – go listen to Jay Acunzo’s inaugural podcast about this very topic – also @jayacunzo on Twitter).


Here’s one way you can get quantity from quality.


I’ve shared this very idea with former co-workers, and to my delight, it seems to cause a genuine “I get it!” moment from (most of) them. Seasoned content marketers will know this workflow, so this one isn’t necessarily for you. For those starting out, or looking for new ideas, it might help.


The Content Star

Consider focusing effort on creating one solid piece of content. Something memorable, something that takes a considerable amount of time. You might be thinking, “Well, I’d be blowing off my other content work if I did that…” – yes, you would. But for good reason (keep reading). One such ‘considered’ piece of content could be a whiteboard session, with your cofounder or other company lead about the core technology, service, passion play at work, or raison d’être you offer.  These are great, information-packed sessions. Don’t fret if you don’t know how to produce a good one – here’s a blueprint.

content, hero content, star content


So, the script is written, the stage is set (literally), you’ve filmed your whiteboard session, and have this high-quality, lengthy video session. Awesome!  Sweet piece of hero, star content.  Now what?  Well, promote and use the heck out of it, that’s for sure. But what else?


The Supporting Content Cast

Presuming this is a quality piece of content that we talked about earlier, now is how you can get the quantity edge.  Focus on repurposed, reimagined content, in  the forms that your audiences will like and consume consume and like.  How so?  Here are a few examples (see image for more):


  • In addition to sharing the video you recorded on YouTube or Vimeo, consider saving it up for a webinar for later use.
  • Consider ripping out the full audio track and loading it to soundcloud for just audio consumption.
  • Consider getting it transcribed with a service like speechpad to turn into an ebook, or a blog post series.
    • (see the image for five or so other ideas)


Supporting Cast Content -

The Takeaway

Focusing on quality should be first, for sure. Once you get that core piece of great content, don’t be shy to break it up and atomize into other useful bits. You never know when and where your audience will consume the content first, so re-using it multiple times is fine – it’ll always be new to someone.