Leveraging User-Generated Content From Community Forums

Alan Belniakcontent, Social MediaLeave a Comment

I recently had the opportunity to present at a recent Digital Summit Online event, and want to share my content with you here, specifically around user-generated content. I was fortunate to present along with other great content folks, like Ann Handley of MarketingProfs, as well as Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures and Leigh George.  We each covered an aspect of content marketing that hopefully helped out the attending audience in some way.

I chose to go a bit of a different route (see slides below), and focus not necessarily on the content that you create, but rather the content that’s created from your community. Often times, we as content experts or facilitators are in the midst of great content, but it doesn’t always present itself that way.  In this presentation, I walk through ways that a content manager and community manager (sometimes we’re one in the same!) can leverage the insights from those around us into great user-generated content.

  • First, I set the stage and ensure we’re on the same page with respect to user-generated content, and why you might (or should) even care.
  • Next, I walk through how to scout for that kind of talent – where and how to look.
  • After that, I offer some tips on how to cultivate that talent to make it consistently better.
  • Finally, I show how to transform the humble into the brave; the OK into the hell yeah.
  • I close out with some examples of this in my own work.

If you’re a content manager, and are in the process of finding new content sources, look again at your community, and look here as well for tips on how to optimize that.